Artist’s Statement

My work has been influenced by the work of Andrew Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, and Winslow Homer.  I admire and have learned from well known watercolorists like Tony Couch and  Milford Zornes. Mr. Zornes was one of the California Scene Painters of the 1930s. He taught me to use big unified shapes to simplify a design. Others taught me how to preserve the white of my paper without using masking fluid, the importance of using tonal value to model form and the harmonizing advantages of using a limited palette of primary colors for each painting. I avoid the use of gimmicks, tricks or fads and prefer to embrace simple, sound art principles, methods and techniques.

The reason I paint is because I love color and the reason I love watercolor is because it dances with me; it’s spontaneous, surprising, and endlessly entertaining.

Nature inspires me and I feel compelled to share what I see and feel with others. I’ve been an artist all my life. Art has taught me to look closely, feel deeply, and be curious. For me, the big gift of art is a spiritual practice.