Private Lessons

My rates are pretty straightforward….$75. an hour, with a two hour minimum. This includes the studio rental at the Rankin Art Center.

I usually begin by viewing some of your drawings and/or paintings. If you can email a few recent examples of your work prior to the day of your lesson, it helps me to prepare a lesson plan for you. If not, we can just exchange messages or talk on the phone regarding your expectations.

One-day workshops are fun and you learn a lot about mixing and techniques. Week-long classes provide more in-depth study and those are extremely necessary. However, if your goal is to create original art, workshops and classes might not be quite enough to take you all the way. Private lessons can target your specific challenges like no other class format.

No matter how good you are at copying another artist’s work, it isn’t yours. To make the leap from copyist to artist you need to learn about composition and how to develop an idea, in addition to technique and color.  If being a watercolor artist is your goal, my advice is to work on your drawing skills, learn the right way to use photographic references, learn how to take an idea for a painting through the rigors of compositional decisions, and of course, practice, practice, practice.

It’s tremendously satisfying to produce an “original” painting, an image created by you.
Your brain, your imagination, your paper. How  exciting!

For more information about private lessons, call me at 706-888-1110

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