Holly Moulder, Sharpsberg, Georgia:                                                                                               Merry Christmas, Brenda! I just wanted to let you know that I received your lovely painting, “Heron”, from my wonderful husband for Christmas. He told me how gracious and helpful you were in making this purchase possible. I absolutely love the painting; it brought tears to my eyes! I’m now the proud owner of two Brenda Stevens originals, and my daughters are already fighting over who gets which one!

Ann Sharpe, LaGrange, Georgia:                                                                                                      Brenda:  Happy Wednesday. See you next week and I promise to practice. Sunsets have been beautiful over the lake.  I see so much more because of you!

Holly Moulder, Sharpsburg, Georgia:                                                                                                Hello Brenda, my husband purchased your painting, Silver Maple, for my Christmas present. He and I were walking through a shop in Pine Mountain several months ago and your painting stopped me in my tracks, something that rarely happens to me. I am thrilled to own it and it’s now proudly displayed in my dining room. Just wanted you to know it’s found a appreciative home!

Wendy Williams, Denver, Colorado:                                                                                                     I have taken nine of Brenda Steven’s Watercolor Crash Courses. It is the highlight of my week vacation at Callaway Gardens.  When I get back to Denver, I am always delighted to put my new painting in my office. Every year my co-workers compliment me on my recent watercolor. Goldfinch and Zinnias  is the latest addition, and I love looking at it!   It is amazing to me that every person in the class leaves with a finished painting and they each look similar, but unique. Brenda has the class down to a science – she provides all the supplies, a line drawing of the subject we will paint, and then walks everyone step-by-step through the color mixing and various techniques to complete the watercolor. Even people who claim they have no artistic ability are pleasantly surprised with their end result.  Brenda is a talented artist and a good teacher. She is professional, organized, and a “cool” person. I have really enjoyed every one of her classes!

Forwarded to me from the Continuing Education Program Coordinator at Auburn University  in 2007, just after the class was introduced to their curriculum:                                                                                                                                                                                   I did not get a chance to give feedback on this course but I found it VERY good! The instructor was totally prepared, kept us moving along on a tight schedule and when I went home four hours later, my husband was astounded at what I had gotten done. He has taken a day of watercolor in the past, so he has some experience. The instructor was quite pleasant, encouraging, met us individually as we entered and called us by name repeatedly. Her instruction was quite clear. I had a wonderful time. My friend, Millie Greene took the course with me and we were both excited about the results.                               Thanks,                                                                                                                                     Donna Kelly                                                                                                                        Academic Adviser                                                                                                           Engineering Student Services

Kathy Braddock                                                                                                                             Hello Brenda,                                                                                                                     Thanks for being so patient during the watercolor class. I enjoyed it and it inspired  me to continue. I will practice on my own for a while and then I plan on taking more of your classes. The supply list, handouts, and the website links you gave us were extremely helpful in aiding me when I was gathering the tools to continue. You did a great job!

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