Survey Monkey Results

The results of my first and recent survey sent to my 145 students through Survey Monkey gave me very useful feedback. First of all, my unique approach to teaching watercolor (“Watercolor Crash Course!”) was validated as being both fun and educational, and many would like for me to add a seascape to the list of subjects I teach. I was also encouraged to offer a few new classes in a more traditional vein. I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time. A high percentage of my students want to learn how to create their own paintings and would like to take a workshop involving drawing and composition. It seems Saturday is the best day of the week for my watercolor workshops and almost everyone prefers a one day or weekend workshop as opposed to a six week course. My September- November class schedule has already been planned and published, but it is time to start thinking of January through May classes. This information really helps me to give my students what they want. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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