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For the last twelve years, I've been teaching a one day watercolor workshop that I created for Callaway Garden's guests. This class is called,

“Art stands on the shoulders of craft”.

Art stands on the shoulders of craft” says author, Ann Patchett. She goes on to explain that to get to the art you must master the craft. If you want to write, practice writing. This is true of drawing and painting as well. If you want to be a painter, practice painting. 


Oct. 06 CLASS: Silver Maple Leaf

Watercolor Crash Course!              Saturday, 10-06

I love painting fall leaves. This subject was added to my list of Watercolor Crash Course subjects a few years ago. October 06, at http://www.auburn.edu/opce Auburn University we will paint this leaf in one four hour class. If you’ve never picked up a brush and want to try painting, this class is for you. You don’t need any drawing skills, I’ve created a pattern for you. All the supplies and materials will be furnished on the day of class so you don’t have to invest in paints and brushes and paper. Basically, show up, with enthusiasm, and I’ll take it from there.

Register today http://www.auburn.edu/opce

New painting done on YUPO

I’ve continued to work on YUPO paper this summer and have found it becomes easier with practice, just like other things I’ve learned to do. This painting, Brook, is an imaginary scene and I did not start with a drawing as I usually do.  YUPO is so forgiving…just erase the watercolor with a moist brush and start again.