New painting: The Longleaf Forest

The Longleaf ForestThe Longleaf Forest was inspired by the forest on my father’s land where I loved to roam when I was a girl. I’ve recently learned about the great Longleaf forests that once covered the southeastern United States and the fascinating story of the Longleaf Ecosystem. I thought my ancestors were pyromaniacs, but it turns out they knew what they were doing when they “burned”.

Painting Prunifolia

“Watercolor Crash Course!” at Sunnyside School, in Harris County, this Saturday. “Prunifolia Azalea” will be our subject. No painting or drawing experience is necessary. You will be walked, step-by-step, through the painting process and in just four hours you will have a small painting to take home. All materials will be provided. $65. registration required. Call 706-888-1110.

Prunifolia Azalea

First class at Sunnyside was well attended.

Seven students attended last Saturday’s Watercolor Crash Course! We painted Seascape, one of the newest subjects for that course. Even though the day was cloudy and cold, the large windows banking the classroom provided beautiful light. It was a wonderful experience for me; great students, great classroom.

Schoolhouse only.Small