Building Strong Foundations-Visual Art Certificate Program at Columbus State University-Continuing Education

While weekend workshops have value to students who are seeking to experiment with a medium, learn a few techniques and have fun for an afternoon, they sometimes become frustated with their inability to move beyond this stage. If it is the student’s goal to become an artist who first conceives and then develops and executes their own orignal work, they soon realize they’ve skipped some important lessons along the way. The solution is simply to begin at the beginning; build a strong foundation in drawing, then layer color skills, and as confidence grows, move through intermediate levels and finally challenge oneself with more advanced work.

The Visual Art Certificate Program begins with the foundation of all good paintings, and sculputre and other mediums…Drawing. Drawing is the bedrock of all that follows and it is for this reason CSU has developed a program that emphasizes it’s importance. As a student gains confidence in these skills, they may add color with classes such as Beginning Watercolor, Intermediate Watercolor (Level One:Technique and Level Two: Landscapes), Composition for the Painter and Media Spotlight: Colored Pencils.

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Stravinsky, line drawing by Picasso

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