Kenny’s Barn


This little painting was Kenny’s birthday gift. It is just an interesting barn in the middle of a cotton field we happened to pass on a recent trip through south Georgia. I had the idea to use masking fluid, which I rarely do, to keep the cotton dry while I painted the brown field. It was then I discovered the masking fluid was hard as concrete in the jar. So, I thought, what else can I use? Wax. That’s logical, right? Makes me sound like McGyver…. how do you make cotton?….all I need is a candle, a match and a toothpick. It was a little tedious, but I’m a stubborn person and soon I had lots of little wax dots on the paper. When I finished the painting I removed the wax by scraping it off, which left the white of the paper, unblemished. ta da…..cotton.

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