Samford Hall, Auburn

This painting is a new subject for my beginning watercolor students. The class is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 12:30-4:30 each day. I am looking forward to this eight hour workshop because I will have more time to give to each student, more time for demonstrations, more time for detailed instructions than my usual four hour “Watercolor Crash Course” permits.

Samford Hall watercolor workshop

3 thoughts on “Samford Hall, Auburn

  1. Brenda,
    This class was a lot of fun. I also noticed you have a painting of the Tybee Island lighthouse. When/where will you be offering that class?


    • Hello,
      I’m very glad you enjoyed the class, it was the first 8 hour crash course I’ve done and I wasn’t sure how it would be received by my students. I’m encouraged and will definitely offer this class again.
      The Tybee Island Lighthouse is new and I will teach it for the first time at Columbus State University. The fall schedule hasn’t been published yet, but I have it penciled in for September 14, Saturday, 12:30-4:30, in the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center on campus. Thank you for your continued interest in my classes.

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