Expectations vs Reality

 Recently, I read an excerpt from “The Tools: Transform Your Problems Into Courage, Confidence and Creativity” and wanted to share this enlightening statement with my students; , “a real creative process isn’t immediately gratifying.  It’s frustrating, mysterious, and uncertain.  We all put such unrealistic pressure on ourselves to do everything well, even our first attempts. This attitude is certainly prevalent in the art classroom. Drawing and painting are not easy, but many students think they should be and often throw in the towel long before they’ve given themselves a fair chance.  I hate to see that happen, because I know if they keep moving forward they will push through the frustrations to the rewards of creative expression. Perhaps it would be encouraging for them to know even professional artists hit brick walls sometimes. The trick (a mind game with yourself)  is to accept the worst outcome possible and forge ahead anyway, in spite of the negative voices in your head telling you to give up. Most of the time, the result is not as bad as you think it will be and many times you will produce something you really like. Take heart, have courage, keep moving.



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