How to Make a Class Make

All too often, classes are cancelled because prospective students wait until the week of class to register. It is understandable that they want to wait and see if the class makes before committing their time and money, but many classes are cancelled while waiting for that last minute commitment. If you want to increase the chances of a class making, register early. To do otherwise, almost ensures the failure of the class to make, it puts the facility in the awkward position of making those dreaded last minute phone calls to the people who did register and to the instructor. The instructor takes a chance when scheduling a class, and they understand the gamble. Sometimes they’ve had to purchase supplies for the class and they, of course, receive no pay for a cancelled class. Sometimes, the instructor does not find out that a class is cancelled until the day before, sometimes after they’ve already packed up the supplies for the next day’s class. This has happened to me this year, and it has happened to many of my teacher friends. You can help turn this around by simply registering as soon as you see a class offered.

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