Oct. 06 CLASS: Silver Maple Leaf

Watercolor Crash Course!              Saturday, 10-06

I love painting fall leaves. This subject was added to my list of Watercolor Crash Course subjects a few years ago. October 06, at http://www.auburn.edu/opce Auburn University we will paint this leaf in one four hour class. If you’ve never picked up a brush and want to try painting, this class is for you. You don’t need any drawing skills, I’ve created a pattern for you. All the supplies and materials will be furnished on the day of class so you don’t have to invest in paints and brushes and paper. Basically, show up, with enthusiasm, and I’ll take it from there.

Register today http://www.auburn.edu/opce

2 thoughts on “Oct. 06 CLASS: Silver Maple Leaf

    • Hello Casie. We will be painting the Great Blue Heron. You will learn a technique for backgrounds that you can use in future paintings regardless of the subject matter. The technique is also useful for foliage and other subjects requiring texture. The body of the bird will start with a “wet in wet” under-painting. Once that dries you will learn some dry-brushing. Of course, learning how to mix the colors you want from a primary palette is a mainstay of all my classes.
      Hope you can make it.

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