Calm Yourself

    Cat Brier in Hadden Woods    When I paint a leaf I notice every  vein, every worm hole, every soft color. I would not notice these details in a glance. Observation is a meditative practice, a skill that can be learned. Enhance your life by changing the way you see the world around you.                  

When I first met watercolor, we didn’t get along at all.

MyScape #9 (sold)It was unlike other mediums I had tried; pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic…put them down and they stay put. Not so with watercolor which continues to move long after you’ve walked away, as if it had a mind of its own. Now, I find that characteristic the one I’ve come to love the most. I’m endlessly fascinated by watercolor. My advice to newbies….relax, don’t be too bossy with watercolor, it doesn’t respond well to micro-management.

I interviewed Geri Davis, watercolorist, for magazine article.

Last month I interviewed an artist I admire very much, Geri Davis, for the columbus artists magazine. Her watercolor painting, Living Jewels, is on the cover and she wrote an article about the creation of that particular painting. I always find the process interesting; how an artist takes an idea, develops the composition, and then brings it to its final form, a beautiful painting for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at the magazine. Geri is also one of the twenty two participating artists in the magazine’s Artist Directory. I am enjoying my new job as associate editor and contributing writer.